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Sirene Chocolate Liqueur

Luxuriously Delicious

A True Bean-to-Bottle Experience

Alc/Vol: 25%

Made in the spirit of romance, Jason and Alayne wanted a special, decadent dark chocolate sipper, perfect for extra sweet moments with the ones they love. We teamed up with Sirene Chocolate, artisan chocolate makers from Victoria, B.C., to produce a dark chocolate-lover’s dream: Sirene Chocolate Liqueur. Using the byproducts of their production process—the shells and husks of cacao beans that have been ethically grown and sourced—we extract the raw characteristics of the cacao. The final result is a beautifully layered experience, allowing you to taste notes of fruit, citrus, fudge, and leather, ever so lightly back-sweetened. A perfect liqueur to sip on its own, it’s equally enjoyable in a cocktail.