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Our Approach

Guided by Creativity

Our Philosophy

An Innovative, Chef-Driven Approach to Spirits

As a chef, Jason has spent more than twenty years mastering the principles of creating balanced flavor profiles in food. The skills needed to find harmony in high-quality ingredients in the kitchen are the same principles that apply to distilling exquisite spirits. Every chef has the same ingredients in their pantry, but the skill lies in how they balance and best express each flavor to create a unique outcome. This is the approach Jason uses to create Sheringham spirits.


Fresh and Flavorful

With appreciation of fine culinary experiences, we select botanicals that are abundant and in season. From sustainably foraged kelp from the Pacific Ocean to cherry blossoms and yuzu peel, our ingredients are of the highest quality and play an integral role in the overall expression of each spirit.

Our Partners

We’re proud to partner with exceptional producers who share our passion for quality ingredients and thoughtful, sustainably-minded processes.

  • Dakini Tidal Wilds

    The winged kelp that lends our Seaside Gin and Akvavit their soft taste of the ocean is sustainably harvested by Dakini Tidal Wilds, run by our friend, Amanda Swiminer, a marine biologist based in Shirley, B.C.

  • Westholme Tea Company

    Our Kazuki Gin is made using green tea leaves and flowers grown by Westholme Tea Company, Canada’s first (and only) commercial organic tea grower, whose teas are authentic expressions of their Vancouver Island environment.

  • Sirene Chocolate

    Our deliciously decadent chocolate liqueur is made using the byproducts of Sirene Chocolate’s artisanal chocolate, giving the shells and husks of the cacao bean new life.

  • The Stick in the Mud Coffee House

    A roastery and cafe located in Sooke, B.C, The Stick in the Mud provides us with the coffee beans we use to make our popular Coffee Liqueur.

  • Victoria Lavender Farm

    The lavender in our Seaside Gin is grown in Sidney, B.C., where for decades Alan Mayfield has grown lavender of consistently exceptional quality.

Our Practices

Sheringham is a Brand with a Sense of Terroir and Sustainability at its Core

We’re inspired by our spectacular setting. Nestled in the rugged island landscape we call home, our distillery pays tribute to our environment by selecting quality seasonal ingredients, thoughtfully crafting each spirit’s flavor profile, and championing sustainable practices. Business sustainability is crucial to help our world today and ensure that future generations can also thrive.