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BC Cheese & Meat Festival (Kelowna)

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The festival represents the best in food and beverage products that one’s taste buds welcome from a serving platter. It isn’t all cheese and meat, but more so the products that pair with them.

With the recent boom in artisan shops across the Pacific Northwest, the Cheese and Meat Festival aims to showcase products that one would see on a “charcuterie board” and items that pair with the board. Think cheeses, meats, pickles, bread, etc.

The festival takes place in the most beautiful settings across the Pacific Northwest. Attendees will walk at leisure around the grounds, sampling bite-size tastes of showcasing products while pairing the bites with wine, beer, spirits, and cider.

Come find Sheringham and indulge in spirit samples and curated cocktails for a memorable tasting experience!


May 25th 3pm-9pm


Laurel Packing House 1304 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1Z9