about Sheringham Distillery



We use time-honoured distilling methods and B.C. grown grains to achieve our sustainable and traditional approach to the production of our spirits. Our small batch hand-crafted spirits (Vodka, William's White – Double Distilled Grain Spirit (a.k.a. White Whisky) and Whisky) are all made with 100% B.C. agricultural products. We source local ingredients from Vancouver Island whenever possible. All our products are mashed, fermented and distilled at our distillery. We are proudly committed to localism, quality & sustainability.



Sheringham Distillery is nestled in the heart of Shirley, B.C. overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca on Southern Vancouver Island. To the East is Sheringham Pt. Lighthouse, built in 1912 to protect sailors from the treacherous waters of the Graveyard of the Pacific. To the West is French Beach Provincial Park. Sheringham Distillery is an homage to the name given to the area in 1846. In 1893, after the first post office was built, Sheringham was shortened to Shirley so the name would fit on the postage stamp.

Image I-03732 of Sheringham Point Lighthouse courtesy of the Royal B.C. Museum and Archives.



JASON MacISAAC | Prior to becoming the Distiller, Jason was a chef who achieved high accolades cooking both locally and internationally.

ALAYNE MacISAAC | At the helm of Distillery business logistics, Alayne worked in sales and marketing in Vancouver, then jumped ship to be an entrepreneur & homesteader, returning to the Island where she grew up.



In becoming a successful chef, Jason MacIsaac experienced the importance of strong ties with local producers in order to obtain the best quality ingredients and outcome. Applying these same principals, Sheringham Distillery sources local agricultural products from B.C. & Vancouver Island. The by-product of our spent grains is distributed to local farmers as a healthy source of high protein livestock feed.

We believe a large part of sustainability is keeping a local footprint. As our ingredients are 100% from B.C., we strive to keep all our other needs sourced from B.C. as well. We use B.C. printers for our labels and all our other printed materials. The boxes our bottles arrive in are re-used for our distribution boxes. We re-use, recycle and compost all that we can.



For our branding, labels and other printed materials we used typefaces by B.C. type designers; Tiro Typeworks, Gulf Islands and Jim Rimmer (1934-2010), New Westminster (Jim Rimmer's Stern Pro is used on this website as well). The hand lettering on our logo is influenced by a script typewriter found in a B.C. forest. Our Spirit's handwriting is based on the penmanship, of the original owner of the cabin, where Jason MacIsaac found his inspiration for Sheringham Distillery. Our vintage photographs (circa late 1800's - 1980's) were taken on Vancouver Island and the surrounding area, used with permission from a local private collection (except the photo of Sheringham Pt. Lighthouse from the Royal B.C. Museum & Archives). Our graphic designer, Migration Design is a short distance away. Our Distillery building & interior was designed and built by local tradesmen, craftsmen and ourselves.